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Custom, on-demand meal plans and grocery lists that work for you.
Get Recipes that include this week's deals.

Eat Great with our healthy, tasty recipes

We have selected a wide variety of great tasting recipes so there is something for everyone. If you have a specific dietary need or allergy, you can set those preferences on your profile.

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Reduce Stress with our meal selection and shopping help

"What do you want for dinner?" "I don't know, what you do want?" is a frustrating exchange we've all had. Mobile Meal Plan provides recipe recomendations and allows you to veto the ones you don't want, taking away the stress of choosing and finding recipes. We also organize our shopping lists by store section to make your shopping trips faster with less worries of forgetting things

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Save Money through smart planning tools

Meal planning saves money by reducing food waste and purchasing only what you need. But we have taken it a step further by recomending recipes based on what is for sale at your local grocer. This can knock $10 off your weekly grocery bill! Our product costs $0.99 for each meal plan, so we save you $9 overall!

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Save Time with faster planning and shopping

We've all been in a rut where we go with those few recipes we know, because who has time to find and learn new recipes? But with Mobile Meal Plan's tools you instantly have your shopping list and recipe instructions. This makes mixing it up a breeze! Mobile Meal Plan can even send your family notifications for what meals are coming up.

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How It Works


Tell Us What You Need

The only things we ask for are how many meals and servings you need. We build a meal plan with our tasty, healthy, under 45 minute recipes!



There are no subscriptions, each meal plan (up to 20 recipes) is $0.99. You own it forever! One click checkout makes it a breeze.



You can view any meal plan you have purchased in the My Plans Dashboard. Email, print, or view shopping lists and recipe instructions

What people are saying...

Margaret E.
Margaret E.

"'What is for dinner this week' is no longer a source of dread. Mobile Meal Plan makes coming up with meals my family likes less stressful. And I don't feel like I'm just feeding them junk."

Fred S.
Fred S.

"I love how Mobile Meal Plan organizes grocery lists by the section of the store. Sometimes I only spend 15 minutes in the store! And the family notifications means everyone already knows what meals we are having this week."

Sarah W.
Sarah W.

"Mobile Meal Plan has saved me countless dollars by getting me better deals and not having to throw away rotten food I forgot to cook."

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