Earn More From Your Recipes

Mobile Meal Plan helps recipe creators and bloggers sell their recipes to their followers.

Sell Your Recipes on Mobile Meal Plan!


Recipe bloggers/creators send Mobile Meal Plan links to the recipes they want in a plan. Mobile Meal Plan does the work of formatting the meal plan, recipe instructions and creating digital shopping lists.


Once the formatting is done and the meal plan is live, a link to the plan is given to the blogger to post. Customers click the blogger's link and purchase the plan through Mobile Meal Plan. The recipe blogger is paid and Mobile Meal Plan takes a percentage for providing the service.

Shop. Cook. Enjoy.

Customers use Mobile Meal Plan's intuitive website interface to access their shopping list at home and at the store and read recipe instructions as they cook.

Fair Royalties Recipe Creators/Bloggers earn a 70% royalty.

This compares favorably to display advertising or self-publishing on some of the large platforms.

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Sweat Free Owner Tools Simple plan creation and sales dashboard.

Send us the recipes you want in a plan and we do the rest! Monitor your sales and royalties from the owner dashboard.

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Intuitive Customer Interface Simple to use on your phone.

Clickable shopping lists and detailed instruction pages make shopping and cooking easier

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